We inspire

residents customers employees

We inspire residents customers employees

to tackle climate


Who are Greenredeem?

Behaviour change experts that move strategy to action.

Greenredeem provide digital engagement platforms and behaviour change mechanisms to support and complement existing websites and campaigns, moving our partners from strategy to action.

Working to our behavioural science methodology of, observation, evidence, critical analysis, and repetition; we establish and apply proven behaviour change techniques.

From this we create environmental campaigns, delivered through targeted communications, incorporating gamification, reward and recognition techniques, including a personalised carbon tracker.

Our approach to behaviour change

We encourage people to consider their actions and take on new lifestyle changes. Changing a person’s behaviour is not achieved through a one-off action, it is a gradual sustained process through which you rationalise a change that’s been asked and regularly communicate until those actions become engrained and habitual.


Marketing and content strategy

Our content creators and copywriters will collaboratively bring your environmental objectives to life. We produce educational and engaging campaign content on your behalf, delivered directly to your target audiences.

Campaigns are created to be local and relevant, which include gamified activities such as pledges, quizzes, videos, and articles that will deliver best value and measurable results.


Insight-led communications

By introducing a ‘sign-up’ process, we capture information such as age, household occupancy and location to allow for persona creation and targeted communications.

Individuals receive weekly targeted emails based on their profile and interactions with campaign content. We nudge them to learn about new topics and inspire action in their everyday lives.

The benefits of personalised communications or targeting groups helps audiences connect with content and motivates them to act.


Broadening reach to a wider audience

To meet carbon reduction targets, communications must go beyond ‘the already committed’ and connect with the traditionally recognised ‘hard to reach’.

At Greenredeem, we develop or increase audience reach with a variety of PR and marketing techniques. Through our understanding that people have different motivations, we inspire real on the ground action.

By involving all stakeholders such as, businesses, schools, colleges and universities, we galvanise the community, working towards a common goal of reducing carbon emissions.


Detailed reporting drives continuous improvement

Our systems provide detailed reporting to measure and monitor audience engagement with campaign content and the direct improvements against baselines and carbon savings.

This transparent, analytical approach delivers full visibility of campaign effectiveness, best value, and measurable results.

Enhancements & features

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What our clients say

“Greenredeem have enabled us to significantly improve our employee communications. The platform delivers fun and engaging content which encourage behavioural change and rewards our staff for making sustainable choices.”

Bradley Smith
Grundon Waste Management

“I can really recommend the Greenredeem scheme. It’s got so many different elements to it which means that it plays to all of your residents, community groups & businesses.”

Cllr Bassam Mahfouz
Ealing Borough Council

“Greenredeem have proven that regular customer engagement yields measurable water savings, plus shown that offering incentives can help maximise the benefit from smart meter data.”

Andrew Tucker - Testimonial
Andrew Tucker
Thames Water, Water Efficiency Manager

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