We can help you to engage with your target audience and change their behaviour

Behaviour change isn’t achieved through a one-off action or campaign. Working with our partners, we use digital communications to change behaviour through a gradual and sustained process, helping to engrain the adoption of new habits bringing with it tangible results.

Our approach

As outlined in the four steps below, our tried & tested method of building communities drives sustained behaviour change.

We create two-way communications with our target audiences via our multi-channels, motivating their participation of how to waste less and recycle right, gathering valuable insights along the way.

Our team of content creators and copywriters tailor digital communications to be tactical and personal. Through insights and measured improvements, we’ll determine the most effective way to connect with different audiences to deliver the most impactful and sustained results.

We digitally contact and prompt people every week to consider their everyday actions, rewarding positive environmental changes and increased levels of engagement.

Improvements are measured and monitored by engagement with campaign content and the direct impact on participation and achieving targets. Our strategy is backed by sound data analysis and understanding of our clients’ needs.

Digital campaigns delivered to our target audiences via our multi-channel communications and insights platform

Who we work with

We work with a range of partners to reduce waste, recycle right, be more water and energy efficient and generally live a greener lifestyle.


Reduce waste and increase recycling for local authorities

Our adaptable digital communications platform delivers relevant and engaging campaigns to residents, motivating behaviour change.

Partners include:
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Working with water companies to reduce water consumption

By raising awareness of water scarcity, we reward reductions in household water consumption in a fun and engaging way.

Partners include:
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Creating a circular workplace

Our digital employee engagement platform Greenrspace, will communicate, engage and motivate your employees towards creating a circular workplace.​

Partners include:
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Schools and universities​

We create digital campaign activities which motivate young people to become more sustainable. We help students understand their environmental impacts, meet targets and reduce costs for educational establishments.

Partners include:
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Invest to save


residual waste reductions


recycling tonnage increases


Saving to local authorities per year
(applied across 50,000 households)

Our relationship with plastic is at a pivotal point​

The Government has consulted with stakeholders on what we can do to increase plastic bottle recycling, but lacks any primary evidence from the UK.

‘Money back for our empties’ is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the benefits of alternative solutions.

With 6 key conclusions that we believe Defra must consider, get your copy now!

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We have a flexible approach to working with local authorities; one which compliments existing and traditional communication activities.

Talk to us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can make an impact on your sustainability targets.