4-minute guide to encouraging households to waste less and recycle more

An example of a Greenredeem campaign across digital platforms

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Since March, our ability to contact and communicate has changed drastically. Opportunities to engage face to face have almost disappeared. As a result, the role that digital communications plays in your communications mix will have increased considerably.

But beyond social media, how do you engage and make sure that your messages are being received and understood? The challenges of engaging residents to waste less and recycle more haven’t changed. While some councils have seen recycling increase by up to 34%, this has been driven by circumstance not necessarily a conscious decision the residents. The opportunity we have is to encourage and maintain these new behaviours.

In this 4-minute guide you will:

  • Understand how Greenredeem communicates with residents in a personal and targeted way
  • Witness the full resident experience and how local content is presented to meet council objectives
  • See how gamifying information through pledges, quizzes and video can be used to nudge resident behaviour to waste less and recycle more
Video requires sound.

If you’d like to discuss further please book a meeting or send us an email at enquiries@greenredeem.co.uk.

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