Greenredeem wins The Ridgeway Digital Innovation Award
PRESS RELEASES | June 23, 2014

Greenredeem wins The Ridgeway Digital Innovation Award

The Ridgeway Digital Innovation Award celebrates businesses that can demonstrate how digital innovation has delivered genuine, measurable benefits to itself and its customers. The judges were impressed with how Oxford-based Greenredeem worked in partnership with PG Tips to develop the 'cup to compost' campaign to drive up awareness of and recycling rates for tea bags.

The campaign offered 370,000 PG Tips Facebook fans and existing Greenredeem members the opportunity to change their behaviour through a series of digital learn and earn opportunities on Facebook. After only three months of activity, there were nearly 10,000 engagements in earn and reward opportunities. Over 4,000 members pledged, 4,871 members took part in the quiz, nearly 2,000 members watched the video and 60,270 points were used to purchase rewards.

To further understand how much impact the campaign had, Greenredeem members were asked to take part in a survey to gauge how much they knew about tea bag recycling before and after the campaign. Key findings show that tea bag recycling increased by 26% since completing the campaign and nearly half (46%) of respondents now compost their tea bags. As a result of the actions taken, it is estimated that an incredible 7.2m tea bags have been diverted from landfill.

Rob Crumbie at Greenredeem commented: "At Greenredeem, we've always believed that socially led digital campaigns can have real impact on real-life, and it's fantastic that the judges at the Oxfordshire Business Awards could see this too. The campaign with PG Tips has had a measurable impact on both of our businesses, but most importantly, it's had a really positive impact on the environment. Although the focus of the campaign was on driving up recycling of tea bags, it's also had a real impact on all recycling rates, with a quarter of participants reporting that their overall recycling has increased since engaging with the campaign. This just shows the power of well-planned and executed digital campaigns, and we're delighted that we've been recognised with The Ridgeway Digital Innovation Award."

To learn more about the PG Tips campaign with Greendredeem, please watch the film that was created to demonstrate the benefits of recycling tea bags, with 3 bespoke endings: recycling, composting & landfill.