Local authorities working with Greenredeem continue to improve recycling rates faster.
PRESS RELEASES | December 3, 2015

Local authorities working with Greenredeem continue to improve recycling rates faster.

Results released by DEFRA on 1st December show that Halton BC has seen the greatest improvement in its recycling rate, rising from  an average of 27.5% before its scheme was implemented six years ago, to 46.8% in 14/15. Other local authority partners have seen similar increases, including the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (from 33.7% to 45.5% in 14/15), Ealing (from 36.0% to 40.4%) and Wokingham (from 37.2% to 41.2%).

These trend breaking results have been driven by both an increase in the amount of dry recycling collected by all Greenredeem's local authority partners and a considerable reduction in the amount of residual waste collected at the kerbside.

With the scheme motivating residents on a weekly basis to both increase their recycling and take other everyday green actions, there is now real evidence that Greenredeem members are moving through the waste hierarchy, from recycling to reuse and reduction. On average Greenredeem's partners saw the amount of residual waste collected reduce by nearly 6%, with one authority seeing a reduction of over 11% year on year.

Whilst there has been considerable debate about the effectiveness of recycling reward schemes, the recycling rates published by DEFRA through Waste Data Flow show that those authorities adopting a rewarding approach are now reaping the benefits.

Greenredeem partner, Chair of the West London Waste Authority and Lead member for Transport, Environment and Leisure at Ealing Council, Councillor Bassam Mahfouz said: "I am delighted that we have been rewarding residents who recycle in Ealing. With more than 24,500 subscribers, the scheme has helped us continue to increase our recycling rates whilst also supporting some fantastic local community groups. I'd encourage others to sign up and get your neighbours to do so too. You can receive personal discounts, support good work in the community and do the right thing for the environment."

"We're delighted that we can continue to support our local authority partners to increase their recycling rates, bucking the national trend. With just 5 years to go to 2020, there needs to be a significant step change in the way in which we ask householders to recycle and reduce the amount of waste they produce. The current trend is clear, and despite all the hard work and efforts being put in by councils, a change of approach is required. From the rates published this week, it's clear that there is a very strong link between rewarding residents, and changing their behaviour", said Rob Crumbie - Director of Marketing & Communications at Greenredeem.