Greenredeem are a catalyst for sustained environmental behaviour change. We create relevant and topical campaigns to motivate people and their communities to make informed choices to tackle climate change.


Our story

With over 40 years environmental experience including waste (legislative & operational) and marketing communications, Greenredeem have a team with the right blend of knowledge and skills to successfully deliver proven campaigns for our partners.

Understanding that people are motivated by different things, we are passionate about improving participation through raising awareness and educating in a fun and engaging way, whilst rewarding measured improvements.

Through monitoring and evaluating campaign activities, we ensure the effectiveness of our communications to meet the objectives of all our partners.

Our values


Care’ cascades through our organisation. It is at the heart of our ultimate ambition. It is central to our different stakeholder relationships and to finding solutions to their needs and challenges. And, it is demonstrated and visible everyday in the way that we support each other as a team.


Greenredeem is founded on mutual trust. The level of honesty expected of consumers is rare, whether that is printing vouchers, honouring pledges or simply recycling what they say they have. It’s the ‘honesty box’ of the 21st Century. That extreme level of trust in stakeholders is integral to earning their trust in return.


Problem-solving is core to our operations. Through a focus on proactive innovation we strive to deliver continuous improvement in terms of products and services that work for all our stakeholders.


To be a catalyst for change, innovation in isolation is not enough. Action, plus the freedom to be flexible in our approach, takes the ideas forward and ensures solutions are delivered on both a local and national scale.


Behind the consumer face of Greenredeem sits a complex insights platform. A focus on understanding customer behaviour and trends, combined with the ability to engage and educate, is key to our commercial effectiveness, and in turn the success of our business.

Our personality


In our drive towards a world where nothing is wasted, education and motivation is important, but ultimately to achieve that goal we must inspire


We work closely and flexibly with our customers, partners, and local authorities to consistently deliver a ‘win, win, win’ relationship.


We are neither preachy nor judgmental. Greenredeem’s natural empathy and objectivity manifests itself in a considered and well-rounded outlook.


Not arrogant, but a quiet self-assurance, born of a deep understanding of the sector and a proven track record of success.

Our select team provides unrivalled knowledge across sectors such as; local authorities, waste management, water sector, events management, loyalty and marketing; supported by more than 10 years’ experience delivering successful behavioural change campaigns.