Pledge to support local communities when you travel

Pledge to support local communities when you travel

Tourism shouldn’t be a one-way benefit, with local communities providing the experiences we love in exchange for nothing more than crowded streets, higher rents and a litter problem.
Pledge to contribute to local communities when you travel and earn 25 Greenredeem points!

Tip 1: Travel with fair-trade-minded operations

Seek out tour operators who share the profits of tourism with local people, whether that’s by travelling with a fair-trade-certified company or one that simply acknowledges the impact of tourism on local communities and works to make this a positive one.

Tip 2: Spend money in the local economy

Could you buy fairly priced products made in the local community to take home? Eat your meals at independent, family-run restaurants? Or take tours set up by guides from the area you’re visiting? Think outside the international chains and the all-inclusive resort package if you can.

Tip 3: Travel with respect for people and the environment

If we behave on holiday as we would like to see tourists behave when they visit the UK, we won’t go far wrong. Read up on the local laws and etiquette, learn your Ps and Qs in the language, steer clear of the exploitation of animals, don’t take ‘souvenirs’ from nature and leave the environment as clean, or cleaner, than you found it.

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