COP26: People want information and action, not just promises

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People want information and action, not just promises. That was a key take out of two environmental reports recently published by the advisory Climate Change Committee.

The UK isn’t doing enough to tackle global warming and meet its requirements to curb carbon emissions. 

The progress reports, discussed in parliament, show two outcomes. The first being that the UK is not on track to cut their emissions by 2030. The second, that they are well behind with their carbon cutting targets for late 2020s and 2030s. Both were commitments made under the Paris climate deal. 

Climate Change Committee concerns

Chris Stark, chief executive of the Climate Change Committee, said the advisory body was “very concerned”. The comments came to light following an update on progress made, ahead of COP26.  

He went on to say: ‘It’s been a year when the government has been willing to make genuinely historic commitments on climate, but the targets they have set are not going to be achieved by magic, so surprisingly little has been done so far to deliver on them.’ 

Lord Deben, Committee chairman said: ‘…the commitments the government made to cut emissions by 68% by 2030, under the Paris deal and by 78% by 2035 under domestic legislation are remarkable decisions which set a major example.’

“People seem to have been lost in all of this, and the public is crying out for more information on what lies ahead”

Chris Stark, chief executive of the Climate Change Committee

The committee also urged the government to engage with the public on the climate crisis. Citizens need to be better informed and involved on the upcoming changes to meet the targets.  

Mr Stark warned: ‘People seem to have been lost in all of this’ and that the public is ‘crying out for more information on what lies ahead.’

‘There is a genuine need to engage people across the country, to bring them with us on the net-zero challenge,’ he said.  

Recent wildfire seasons have been worsened by climate change
Recent wildfire seasons have been worsened across the globe by climate change

Now is the time for action

With many local authorities yet to move their climate change action plans from strategy to action, Greenredeem have captured the opinions of 2,700+ households across the UK to gauge awareness of the climate crisis at a local level.

Not surprisingly, the results of the survey mirrored those reported by Climate Change Committee. What hadn’t been anticipated was the strength of feeling, and the hunger for information to enable people to take immediate action.

Is there too much reliance on COP26 being the stimulus for change within our communities, or should we be acting now?

The results of our survey include:

  • 74% weren’t aware of their council’s climate change action plan. 
  • 98% were prepared to introduce simple changes into their everyday lives. This was providing they understood the positive environmental impact of their actions. 
Over the coming weeks we will shine a light of some of the UK’s most proactive and innovative local authorities already tackling climate change ahead of COP26.
Citizen Survey: The people's opinion on climate change

Do you know what your residents think about climate change?

Download our recent survey which includes:
  • The opinions of 2700+ households
  • A representative sample of people from across the UK

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