Pledge to avoid single use plastic this Easter

Pledge to avoid single use plastic this Easter

Help cut down on damaging plastic waste by shopping greener this Easter! Pledge now and earn 25 Greenredeem points instantly...

Tip 1: Choose loose sweets instead of plastic packaged

Head to your local pick 'n' mix counter, traditional sweet shop or scoop-and-weigh store for mini eggs, colourful jelly beans and other Easter treats. Buying loose in paper bags means better value and zero packaging waste, as compared to the standard over-dressed chocolate eggs found in most shops.

Tip 2: Avoid glittery cards and wrapping paper

All that glisters is not gold; in fact, most of it is blimmin’ tiny bits of polluting plastic. Steer clear of anything glittery, shiny or novelty coated this Easter in favour of easily recyclable plain coloured cards and wrapping paper. 

Tip 3: Take a reusable container to your local bakery for Easter treats

Overpackaged and generally disappointing supermarket cakes and biscuits are out; trotting along to your friendly local bakery for lovingly made hot cross buns, simnel cake and chocolate cornflake nests is in. Remember to take your own container for a zero waste shopping trip. Enjoy! 


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