Pledge to buy based on better recyclability

Pledge to buy based on better recyclability

Help to cut the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by picking products that are more, or even fully, recyclable.
Pledge to choose based on recyclability and earn 25 Greenredeem points instantly!


Tip 1: De-pouchify your life

Seems like manufacturers are obsessed with printed plastic pouches. Ready meals, pre-prepared rice, frozen fruit and veg, vitamins and even electronics come trussed up in these awkward-to-recycle containers.
Where there’s a more easily recyclable alternative, grab it with both hands.

Tip 2: Choose glass or a can over plastic-packaged drinks

Leave the plastic-packaged drinks on the shelf; instead, pick a thirst-quencher packaged in infinitely recyclable glass or metal.

Tip 3: Ditch black plastic trays for alternatives

Most black plastic trays are near invisible to the sorting sensors in automated recycling machines, commonly ending up in landfill or sent for incineration.
Look for products packaged in clear or white plastic, or, even better, opt for metal- or glass-contained goods.


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