Pledge to eat greener in the 2020s

Pledge to eat greener in the 2020s

Have you made your resolutions for this brand new decade? Here’s an eco-friendly one we’re planning to add to our lists: tweaking our food choices to lower our water and carbon footprints.
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Tip 1: Load up more than half of your plate with veggies

Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables? One of the reasons two-thirds of us still don’t manage the target ‘five-a-day’ portions can be how our food is presented, with the meat or fish in the ‘starring role’ and salad or vegetables as a small garnish. Start putting those beautiful veggies in pride of place. Giving vegetables and salad more than half the space on the plate can help us eat more of the vitamins and minerals we need.

Tip 2: Make a meat-free choice

Next time you’re faced with a food choice and there’s a meat-free option available, why not try that for a change? Along with doing good for the planet, plant-based foods tend to be rich in fibre to support gut health, antioxidants to fight disease and micronutrients to keep your body working its best.

Tip 3: Seek out sustainable fish

If you love seafood – and our amazing marine wildlife, check out the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide tool to discover how to make the healthiest and most environmentally responsible choice.

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