Pledge to eat less meat in March

Pledge to eat less meat in March

The easiest way to cut pollution, save wetland and forest habitats from destruction, prevent animal cruelty and save money? Eat more vegetarian meals! 

Pledge to eat less meat in March and earn yourself an instant 25 Greenredeem points!

Tip 1: Look for easy vegetarian swaps

Planning sausage and mash for dinner? Grab a pack of bangers from the vegetarian food section for a meatfree meal at no extra effort. 

Tip 2: Upgrade your fruit and veggies

With the money you save by not buying meat and fish, take the opportunity to splurge a little on some better quality fruit and veggies. How about some heritage British apples? Or going organic for your bananas? 

Tip 3: Try out some exciting vegetarian recipes

Time to prove that meatfree doesn't mean taste free. Many vegetarian dishes are classics in their own right. Start with aubergine parmigiana, falafel, macaroni cheese, spanakopita or chickpea curry. 


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