Pledge to give less stuff this Christmas

Pledge to give less stuff this Christmas

Sometimes it feels like we spend all year trying to ‘have a clear out’ only to find our clutter restocked with kindly meant ‘bits and bobs’ gifts at Christmas. Pledge to cut down on the amount of physical stuff you give to your loved ones, colleagues and neighbours this year and earn 25 Greenredeem points immediately.

Tip 1: Organise a Secret Santa

Families, work colleagues and community group members can amp up the Christmas excitement, avoid awkwardness and overspending, plus cut down on the Christmas waste by organising a Secret Santa gift swap. Agree a small amount to spend, a theme – perhaps everything has to be bought from a charity shop, or everything has to be plastic-free - and put all the names in the hat. Whoever you pick is your giftee!

Tip 2: Give experience gifts

A huge benefit of experience gifts: no need to dust memories! A thoughtfully chosen experience beats a random knick-knack every day of the week, and especially at Christmas. Think cookery and art day courses, visits to areas of natural beauty, crafting workshops, escape rooms, museum visits, club memberships, theatre tickets, kids’ gyms, bowling or ice skating… the list is endless!

Tip 3: One perfect present rather than a load of clutter

Who’d rather have one really good gift to treasure than piles of generic "I had no time and no clue what to get you”, overpackaged gubbins? Most folks, we imagine! Avoid the temptation to load up on so-called stocking fillers and perhaps ask each person which one item they really want.


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