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Pledge to "Green" your party outfit this Christmas

Every year millions of garments are discarded as consumers ditch fast-fashion styles for a new wardrobe.
With many of us attending a party over the next few weeks, it's prime time to head to the shops and pick up a new outfit. This year, why not skip buying that "one time only" sequin dress and choose something a little more sustainable?
Follow our tips below to "green" you party outfit this Christmas and earn yourself 25 points.

Tip 1: Buy second hand

Depop is a peer-to-peer social shopping app. It's a bit like eBay, but is more geared around fashion. It allows people to sell and buy unwanted clothes and features many unique and one off items!  Another good place to try is eBay itself, or even Asos has a Marketplace feature which allows users to resell used clothes.

Tip 2: Hire a dress

The new trend in online designer hire agencies has put top quality, eco-positive gear well within reach of the average Joe or Joanne. For less than the price of an average dress from a high street shop with dismal sweatshop ethics, you can rent a beautifully constructed Hervé Léger.
In essence, by sharing the dress with other renters, you minimise the carbon footprint of the outfit and cut down on the demand for environmentally damaging raw materials to make new clothing. It’s a win-win-win for the environment, your credit card balance and your style credentials!

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