Pledge to help conserve British wetlands

Pledge to help conserve British wetlands

Teeming with birdlife, rich in plants and a haven for mammals, wetlands are a vital part of our natural world. These places where water and dry land meet are home to thousands of rare and endangered species.
Pledge to do what you can to help conserve British wetlands and earn 25 Greenredeem points!

Tip 1: Conserve water whenever you can

The untreated water in reservoirs, wetlands, lakes and rivers is one and the same as the treated water that eventually comes out of our taps and showers. If we waste water at home, more water has to be pumped out of these important habitats. To protect wildlife, keep water on a strictly ‘need-to-use’ basis.

Tip 2: Avoid buying peat products

Industrial peat harvesting for fuel or garden soil mixes reduced or destroyed many wetland areas during the last century. Help reverse the damage by asking for peat-free compost and plants grown in peat-free soil mixes at your local garden centre. Why not try making your own compost at home instead?

Tip 3: Support wildlife conservation charities

Paying to visit a reserve, a donation, a regular membership, a day’s practical conservation or help with wildlife counts... whatever you can offer will help protect wetlands and other vulnerable habitats for future generations.

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