Pledge to refresh houseplants with grey water

Pledge to refresh houseplants with grey water

Get out of the habit of dousing your houseplants with tap water. Help to conserve water by reusing ‘grey water’ from the kitchen, bathroom and garden to refresh them.
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Tip 1: Reuse cooled dishwater on houseplants

Houseplants don't mind a little soapy water, provided it isn't too dirty. Leave the washing up water to cool, decant into your watering can and then water plants as usual.

Tip 2: Give houseplants a rainwater treat

Houseplants often miss out on rainwater, that perfectly balanced resource of nutrients and pure hydration. Next time the weather looks ominous, put out containers to catch a drink for your indoor greenery. Even better, install a water butt for a supply of ready rainwater all year round.

Tip 3: Collect ‘grey water’ while you wait for your shower

While waiting for the shower to heat up, divert the stream into a bucket instead of letting the clean water run down the drain. In this way, you could bag up to five litres a time to use on houseplants and/or garden plants.

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