Pledge to save energy by upping your recycling

Pledge to save energy by upping your recycling

The energy saved by our Great British recycling efforts cuts our national carbon footprint by more than 18 million tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases a year, but there’s always room for improvement.
Pledge to save energy by recycling even more and earn 25 Greenredeem points!

Tip 1: Pick up and recycle litter when you’re out and about

Imagine everyone in the UK decided to grab a discarded can or plastic bottle to bung into the recycle bin. Together we’d collect over a thousand tonnes of waste from our streets and parks, plus the resulting recycling would save more than 6,000,000kWh of energy. That’s enough to power a small town for over a year!

Tip 2: Remember to recycle in the bathroom

Stats have shown that while many of us have our kitchen recycling routine down pat, often we can forget to recycle the empty loo rolls, plastic bottles and aerosols generated by our bathroom activities. Why not put in an extra container for bathroom recycling or make a habit of bringing the used packaging to your main recycling point once the product is finished?

Tip 3: Stash items to take to the recycling centre 

Recyclables that need to be processed at the recycling centre can easily end up in the rubbish by accident. If you can, set aside space to collect up these important materials. Once you have a decent amount, plan a detour via your local recycling centre for your next day of chores.

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