Pledge to shop locally for last minute pressies

Pledge to shop locally for last minute pressies


Tip 1: Whip up an edible gift from local produce

  • Chocolate-coated candied peel - super luxe, tastes of Christmas and uses up leftover peel that would otherwise be composted. 
  • Homemade Scottish-style oat cakes are cheaper than chips to make, but look anything but wrapped in a basket with a hunk of good, local cheese and a bottle of English wine. 
  • Boozy microwave fudge is an ace last minute gift, especially if you have some odd liqueurs lurking at the back of your drinks cabinet.  

Tip 2: Vouchers for restaurants serving local produce

For those who enjoy dining out, an invitation to treat themselves at a nearby restaurant is always a welcome gift. Do a little research and choose a voucher from an establishment that emphasises regionally sourced, seasonal menus so your money supports a range of local businesses.

Tip 3: Vouchers for local music venues, theatre or independent cinema

Racking your brains over someone who has everything? Give them a cultural experience to remember this Christmas. Whether they’re into panto, poetry or punk rock, a voucher for a local cultural venue will let them take their pick.

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