Ensure your climate change communications cut through the noise

Communications that cut through the noise

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With COP26 underway, public engagement and support to help deliver climate change strategies has never been more important. But with so many mixed news stories, how do you engage your audience and keep them interested to ensure positive change happens?

Sending blanket emails can be a missed opportunity

Regardless of contact database size, a weekly newsletter sent to residents is not the solution. Emailing your residents is a one-time hit, which provides very little insight and is generally a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Of course, you can track email open and click through rates, but this doesn’t provide you the full picture. For instance, what journey did the resident take after clicking the email, and more importantly, did it lead to them taking further action?

If there is no way to record resident actions after they have opened your email, then how do you know if your communications have been successful, or how you should approach communicating with them next time?

Understanding that people have different motivations is the only way you can change behaviour and inspire real on the ground community action.

Insight led communications need to be at the core of every local authority strategy to build a robust connection with residents to motivate habitual change in everyday lives.

Craft your messaging to suit your audience

Whatever audience you wish to target, the more you know about them, the easier it is to effectively communicate. It also helps you to create and adapt your content strategy to mirror their needs.

Depending on the level of detail available, you can build a robust picture of your residents and begin to segment your audiences or create personas.

The benefits of personalised communications on an individual basis, or to targeted groups will help your audience connect with your content and motivate them to act.

Build a broader reach

Every local authority will have a group of already committed individuals that are proud of their community and take climate change seriously. These individuals are consciously committed to the environment, taking responsibility for their own carbon footprint, and are most likely already registered with council newsletters and keep abreast of local news.

However, to meet carbon reduction targets, it’s imperative that your communications reach goes beyond this already committed group and that you also connect with the traditionally recognised ‘hard to reach’.

In this previous blog, we share how to extend your reach and the associated benefits of doing so.

New call-to-action

Encourage sign-up and gather resident insights

A subscription to your newsletter or a sign up to your website is valuable. Therefore, retention is key, and by expanding upon the information collected, you will unlock better engagement, value for money, and demonstrate campaign effectiveness.

Even by collecting relatively limited information such as property location, type and household occupancy means that you can send more targeted communications from day one.

When asking individuals for personal details it’s very important to provide complete transparency upfront and gain trust. People must be fully aware and understand what and why they are signing up, and how their information will be used.

Remember, people lead busy lives, and if it’s just another email cluttering their inbox, there’s not much reason for them to get involved.

By reinforcing the ‘what’s in it for me’, such as being part of a like-minded community, offering hints and tips to help save money and lead a better lifestyle, or even rewarding people for their efforts, people are far more likely to participate.

Proven behaviour change

All of this is best achieved with a single trusted communications channel through which people can source localised information and campaign content in one place.

Evidence shows that behaviour change rarely happens through information alone. Greenredeem’s digital behaviour change platform is a one-stop solution to help you reach your environmental targets. Greenredeem can complement your existing website and related climate change channels.

You can promote your campaigns through targeted, insight led emails and host your environmental campaign content in one place. Incorporating personalisation, gamification techniques, reward and recognition mechanisms will broaden appeal.

New call-to-action

Greenredeem’s content creators and copywriters will advise and bring your climate change campaigns to life on your behalf, providing inspiration and reducing time and resource required from your council.

All campaign activities will be evaluated by detailed engagement reports to demonstrate campaign effectiveness to ensure your carbon reductions targets are met and measured against baseline improvements. 

In summary, Greenredeem will position your council as a leader in tackling climate change at both a local and national level. We will bring to life your climate change action plans, taking residents, businesses, organisations, schools, and colleges on a journey of understanding to inspire climate change action. 

Get in touch

We’d be happy to discuss your objectives, and how we can support you to reach your audience and meet your environmental targets.

Get in touch or book a short discovery call today to find out how Greenredeem can partner with your local authority. 

Email us at: enquiries@greenredeem.co.uk

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