School kiosk recycling incentive featured on ITV

ITV news still of Greenredeem report

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Did you catch us on ITV lunchtime news yesterday? The discussion surrounds our school recycling kiosk pilot which has featured across 25 schools in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Greenredeem’s pilot with schools in the Royal Borough looks to understand how schools can play a part in increasing the recycling rate of plastic bottles We believe there is a great opportunity to not only increase recycling rates, but educate future recyclers on its importance. The UK currently uses around 13 billion single-use plastic bottles a year. Recycling rates have plateaued at 57 per cent for the past five years. Three billion of those bottles end up in the bin, incinerated or littered. Sadly finding their way into the countryside or the marine environment.

young girl and woman using the deposit return scheme kiosk with plastic bottles

The news segment briefly introduces the scheme. Talking about how children are realising that ‘recycling pays’ before cutting to a video of children at the school using the recycling kiosk.

The video demonstrates how easy it is to use the kiosk. Simply scan the bottle and claim the 5p reward. This school in particular have collected over 32,000 plastic bottles in the year that they’ve had the kiosk.

The pupils talk about how even they are struggling to believe the total of plastic bottles. Although they do think that deposit return schemes can make a difference.

The video then explains how these bottles are high-grade plastics. They will go on to be recycled and help create more plastic bottles. Increasing recycling rates and preventing virgin material from being manufactured.

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