The average UK household wastes £470 worth of food per year.  To help tackle the issue, we're asking our community to share their food waste saving tips.

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In the UK, around 6 million tonnes of food waste ends up in landfill each year. It's also estimated that each British household wastes £470 of food per year. We're rallying our community together to help raise awareness of the issue & share their food waste saving tips!

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We want you to share your food waste saving tips from your everyday life. Be it scraps you freeze or ideas for leftovers, we're keen to hear from you! Upload a photo, along with a brief description of your tip to enter our competition. Take a look at the prizes you could win below.

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The competition ends at midnight on 30th September 2018. All photo submissions will be judged by the Greenredeem panel and 21 of our favourites will be contacted by email & sent one of the prizes on offer below.

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1st prize - Premium Box Large 6.7kg (x 1 winner)

Instead of buying a specific joint of meat from a supermarket, with, you get to buy and share a whole cow with other people.  It's a way of buying meat that ensures the whole cow is used, from nose to tail, and nothing is wasted.

This meat box costs £99.95 for approximately 6.7 kg of meat. This equates to 26 meals for two at just £3.84 per meal or £1.92 per person.

2nd prize - Food waste bin (x 20 winners)

Easily recycle and reduce your kitchen waste with this spacious, rust-resistant stainless steel worktop composter with an integral odour absorbing carbon filter. Perfect for composting teabags, egg shells, vegetable and fruit peelings directly from your worktop. When full, simply carry out to the compost heap.

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All entries will be visible here until 15th October 2018. The winners will announced on 10th October and notified by email. Good Luck!

Eat more eggs. Egg cartons can be turned into excellent bird feeders. Also, older eggs are great for baking mmm, delicious cakes!

Summer in August

Using the cut off stem of certain vegetables - you can regrow in just water. we do this at home for vegetables such as Lettuce, Pak Choi, Celery, and Spring Onions

kim styles

We are a busy family of five. I always make a little extra at tea time and freeze potions for the next time, or as a quick snack. Cooking food in bulk at the same time saves fuel. I never throw anything away and will make soups out of leftovers.

Bev Gregory

If you do have food scraps leftover, get a toddler involved in preparing it for composting. Mixing it up & getting it into smaller pieces will speed up the composting process, and who doesn’t love to squish banana or tear its skin into little ‘worms’.

Maz & Eadie

Ask neighbours for fruit off their trees if they can't use it. Made baked apple with sultanas brown sugar and butter tasty and free.

Christine Thomas

Never leave anything on your plate.


l keep my recycling food bin outside as they are very smelly.

Linda Urquhart

Save pounds and pounds over the year by saving all left over foods and turning them into omelettes or pizzas!

Peter Ashcroft

To avoid impulse buys always calculate the number of meals you are buying for and never. food shop on an empty stomach.

Juliet Judge

As an organic gardener I preserve the vast majority of my produce in recycled jars. Tomato gluts go into Passata, pears are bottled with star anise, other fruits and vegetables are made into chutney, pickles and also our favourite green tomato jam.

Tharon Mazzucchelli

If the dogs can eat it, they will have it - don't let food go to waste.

Sharon Buckley

We use spuds as a template to create stamps to decorate wrapping paper (using paint).

Stacey Gilkes

Using a whole roast chicken. Once you've used the breast for your roast and the carcass has cooled, strip all the rest of the meat off. The meat can make a curry or fill a pie etc. 

Kelly Easton

Get a rabbit! They eat all your veg peelings and left over salad etc and even finish off strawberry and apple leaves

Steve Mac

Any left over chilli con carne or Bolognese can be frozen.  Then when needed thaw and add any vegetables from the fridge or garden.

Suzanne Bannon

Instead of buying expensive fruit juice, make up your own.  The photo shows the elderflower juice I've been making for my family and also selling for charity fundraising for years.  The elderflowers are foraged- please ask before taking any flowers if you don't own the tree!

Sumita Singha

We are addicted to Batch Cooking. Sunday is our cooking day. This means we spend 4 hours of the day cooking all meals for the week. We buy exactly what we need and weigh our ingredients as per our recipe book. The food is stored in containers, preferably glass, to keep it safe for us. 

Antonio Sierra

When our fruit has gone past their best, are soft and over mature or have bad bits on them we use them to make delicious milk shakes as the fruits at this stage are full of flavour. 

Amanda Terroni

Use stackable containers in the fridge for leftover chopped vegetables & next day use them in quesadillas. Yum!

Tia Maria

Go through your cupboards and freezer and find all the things near their use by date. Then google recipes to use them up. We've had some of our best meals using things up - often including things we didn't think we liked. 

Miriam Adcock

To always do an audit of what I have in the cupboards, fridge, and freezer, so that I never buy anything that I already have.

Gemma Tyler

How do u get free shopping? For me it is picking up litter or "wombling" I pick us receipts and with them make money from them . Whether it is Asda receipts for APGS or Sainsburys nectar points.

Stuart Smith

Batch cook - if you have bought too much food and it’s going to spoil before you can use it, or taken advantage of a supermarket deal, then use what you need fresh and then portion the rest out and freeze.

Barbara Winterburn

To revive limp herbs or lettuce and leaves, place in a bowl of cold iced water and pop back in the fridge. They will easily last another day or two.


The little black food bins are hard to use & smell. Being determined to recycle my food waste I use a colander and the green bag fits neatly in. It doesn't smell really & can fold over the top.

Jo Romaine

I live next door to a new COOP and at 8pm every evening they sell off goods like specialist breads for example at up to 90% off. Time limited veggies, fruits up to 80 or more % reduction.

Barrie Wheatley

It may seem obvious but check the fridge before going food shopping to avoid buying more of the same If you have lots of rather tired looking vegetables in the bottom of the fridge, make a good wholesome soup.

Marcia Hurst

Any leftover fruit can be frozen & used another day - including ripe fruits, like bananas. I make a delicious, smooth banana juice from ripe bananas!

Wellington Vivas

After I have finished my jar of sundried tomatoes, I decant the leftover oil (rather than throw it away) and use it for cooking.


Every 3-4 days I clear the fridge up, usually with what is left. Using the eggs leftover from baking, I make a frittata - that's 3 days lunches at least so I have time to start cooking the tea from scratch again!

Janet Huyton

When you're out at a restaurant - only order what you know you can eat!

CA Robertson

I look each day what we have in left overs and what fresh food needs using first and I devise a menu to use this. I always have stock left from a previous meal to use as a basis for the next - any vegetables looking a little bit sad go into the stock / soup pot.

Loma Wood

If you've got fruit or veg that's going to go off before you can eat it, juice it or cook it and then freeze it, to enjoy at a later date.

Bernie Haynes

Buy a dog, they eat everything (except bananas!)


Visit the excellent blog at


Stale bread is grated up for breadcrumbs for toppings for baked pasta dishes and covering chicken to make it crispy.

Gemma Tyler

Cook a roast chicken on a Sunday. With leftover the leftover chicken, make a pie!

Alan Rogers

Decide in advance which recipes to cook in the week -  make a note of the ingredients needed, then stick to your shopping list. By the end of the week the fridge is virtually empty, with nothing wasted at all. 


Large families are used to cook in large quantities, this habit lingers on even when the families become smaller. My tip is to use smaller pans to reduce wastage.

Dawood Hasen

Put left overs in plastic tubs and eat them the next day.

Manzoor Niazi

To save waste, I now use frozen onions, peppers and mushrooms and garlic paste. Saves on the chopping time too!

Claire Liddy

Just eat it! Buy discounted food on or after its best-before date and either cook / eat on the day or freeze it. Oh and never waste or chuck out food. Obvious, right?


Bruised and battered apples, ready to be thrown away. Collection of oats, some nuts from breakfast, breadcrumbs from toast. All made into a crumble.


Windfall Apples made apple crumbles and apple pies for all my neighbours.

Janet Foley

Create a weekly meal planner and shop to support the plan only. Arrange the planners so fresh foods can be used up not thrown away.

Cheryl Long

Summer BBQs - here's some new potatoes, left over from yesterdays dinner! Also, marinate your all of your meat if there's too much & put the rest in the freezer. Makes next weeks BBQ so much easier.

The Green Family

I make smoothies from any fruits & vegetables that are going past their best before date. I add in yogurt, milk or fruit juice that's in surplus from the fridge.

Lynette Holroyd

When buying bread you know you won't use, freeze on the day and then just pop in the toaster when needed. 

Marcus Hofmann

We have a glut of tomatoes and courgettes at the moment so ratatouille is the way forward.

Lorraine Daniels

Any leftover food can be frozen & used another day - including unlikely suspects like yogurt!

Stanley Nash

Go foraging for fruit and then make into crumbles and freeze. Or just freeze the fruit and use on porridge / in smoothies etc


Obtain an allotment & only pick the food you require. The food is organic, fresh & it tastes much better than supermarket food.

Jim Lapthorn

Leftover crusts make amazing croutons – chop or blitz & keep bagged in the freezer until needed

Greenredeem team

Freeze those last drops of wine in the bottle in an ice cube tray and add to stocks & sauces

Greenredeem team

Shop with a list when you’re in the supermarket to save buying things you don't need

Greenredeem team

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