A window wonderland! DIY your own Christmas window display

A window wonderland! DIY your own Christmas window display

Walking back home on a chill winter’s night, the sight of so many jolly, brightly lit Christmas trees in front rooms really gladdens the heart. Why not bring some extra festive cheer to the folks along your street with a special Christmas window display this year?

Take a glance at the following for some inspiration – gorgeously effective and simple to create with just a few cheap materials…


Super snowflakes


Remember folding and cutting paper snowflakes when you were little? Super easy, right?

The style bloggers of Mom.me have created a fab tutorial to show how they created the special snowflake Christmas window above using American-style paper coffee filters. Your own version could be made from any plain scrap paper – extra eco too! Doesn’t this look great?


Snowy townscapes


A step up on the difficulty scale from our snowflakes, but still pretty darn easy, we love the effect of these tiny paper townscapes in these window panes.

This example is sweet, but perhaps a bit minimalist for some tastes! A paper cut-out of Father Christmas’ sleigh would look fantastic flying over those rooftops, or perhaps you could create your own starry night sky, such as in…


A Christmas forest scene


The trees in this paper forest couldn’t be much easier to make – simply fold a sheet of paper in half and, on the outer edge, cut the zig zag pattern of the branches and trunk. Unfold and, hey presto, a perfectly symmetrical tree!

These crafty folks glued paper stars of different shapes and sizes above their forest. The dangling threaded cardboard stars twist and bobble as the heated air rises from the radiator underneath the window for a clever extra ‘twinkle effect’ under the Christmas lights.


Mini Christmas wreaths


Why didn’t we think of this before? Trust Martha Stewart to come up with an idea of such simple genius.

In Martha’s tutorial she uses a glue gun and embroidery hoops to create the wreaths, however we’d opt for a zero waste DIY option instead: forming a wire into a circle and then using a strong thread or a thinner wire to fix the foliage onto the wreath. After Christmas, compost the greenery and keep the wire and ribbon for reuse!


Swags of natural winter beauty

Mmm, fragrant pine garlands. A few gorgeous pine cones suspended with white ribbon finish this stylish Christmas window.

At Greenredeem, we love using natural decorations instead of non-recyclable tinsels, glittery plastics and foils. Just make sure when you’re collecting your decorations from the garden or the ‘wild’ that you only take what you need and leave plenty of foliage and pinecones as shelter and food for winter wildlife.


Origami paper ‘presents’


These cute origami boxes aren’t just a picture when hung in a window, once you know the technique you can also make your own gift boxes for stocking fillers and other mini-gifts. Check out the YouTube tutorial here.

This newspaper reuse is an elegant eco option if you’re not into Christmas ‘bling’, yet you could use any paper that takes your fancy: offcuts of festive wrapping paper, magazine images, pages from old Beano annuals – it’s up to you!



Which of these decorative window ‘treatments’ do you like best? Share your thoughts with us here or via Twitter and Facebook!


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