Food saving gadgets that deserve a place in your fridge
FOOD & DRINK | August 25, 2016

Food saving gadgets that deserve a place in your fridge

Here at Greenredeem, we hope you realise by now that we're fairly passionate about recycling! Yet you might not have clocked that we're also big fans of the flip-side: cutting waste in the first place, whether that's through...

>> savvy buying habits,

>> borrowing and sharing,

>> choosing quality and reusability over quantity and disposability, and

>> getting more from what we have through clever storage and reuse.  

When we look at the eco-gadgets on the market, we're always careful to weigh up the benefits of the widget versus the resources that go into its manufacture and (most importantly!) the potential storage space you'll need. Basically, will it earn its keep?

Lately, we've been checking out those eco-gadgets that claim to make food storage simpler and keep food fresher for longer. Whilst there are plenty of bizarre 'white elephants' out there, a.k.a. gadget clutter, the following food saving gadgets are seriously cost-effective and have proved themselves worthy of a space in our fridge-freezers!


Fridge freezer thermometer (£2)


Is your fridge cool enough to store food safely for as long as possible? Could your freezer be at a setting that's too cold, wasting energy?

Standard fridge freezer temperature adjustments are made using a numbered dial, which isn't a great deal of help if you want accurate answers to these important questions. That's why we'd recommend getting your hands on a fridge-freezer thermometer to help you nail those temperature settings and so avoid food and energy wastage.

Your fridge should be maintained at between 0-5°C and the freezer at -18°C or below. We like this clearly marked thermometer from the British manufacturer Brannan, which for just £2 with a two-year warranty is frankly a bargain considering all the food waste you'll avoid!


Fruit and veg saver discs (£5 for three, each lasting three months)


Are you fed up of discovering mouldy fruit and soggy salad before you've had the chance to eat it? Whilst fruit and veg will never last indefinitely out of the freezer, slip a saver disc into your fridge's salad crisper and another into your counter fruit bowl and you can look forward to fruit and veg staying fresher for longer.

As fruit and vegetables ripen, they give off ethylene gas which encourages other fresh food nearby to ripen also. This is a perfectly natural process, however if too much ethylene gas builds up quickly then it can cause your fruit and veg to over-ripen and start mouldering prematurely. 

Fruit and veg saver discs work by absorbing excess ethylene gas and so prolonging the freshness of perishable salad, fruit and veggies. What's more, after three months the contents of these discs makes for a wonderful fertiliser for your houseplants! 


Store And More food storage boxes (£5-£10, depending on size)


Could this be the ideal food storage box?

Made from 100% food-safe silicone, it's nigh indestructible, naturally non-stick and can bunged in the dishwasher after use. Even better, the clever steam valve in the lid means you can grab your leftovers from the fridge or freezer, pull up the valve and bung them straight into the microwave or oven at up to 230°C. Lastly, if kitchen space is tight (or your Tupperware cupboard is driving you nuts), the flexible silicone base folds up into itself when empty for easier put aways. Brilliant!

Want to see this clever food storage box in action? Take a look at their demonstration video  


What are your best buy kitchen gadgets? Do you have any to recommend? Share your thoughts and tips with us here or via Twitter and Facebook!


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