Love leftover turkey! Turn 'not again' into 'more please'
FOOD & DRINK | December 22, 2016

Love leftover turkey! Turn 'not again' into 'more please'

If you're one of the canny folk who froze their cooked turkey leftovers after the Christmas meal, congratulations! With that thoughtful green action, you've opened up all kinds of possibilities for delicious eating during January.

No, this isn't another article about the standard turkey sandwiches, turkey soup and turkey curry routine (though those are nice too). From the leftover turkey recipes of the best chefs in Britain and beyond, we've picked out those that offer something just a little bit different and a whole lot moreish!

Which of these would you like to try?


Turkey Samosas

Filo pastry is nothing to be scared of! In fact, once you realise how simple it is to roll up and bake these spicy leftover turkey samosas, you'll be hunting for other leftovers to 'samosa'. Packed with flavour and perfect for January lunchboxes.




Turkey Burgers

Did you know that you can make burgers with cooked meat leftovers? Simply shred, bulk out with some chopped onion and breadcrumbs, bind with an egg, form into patties and fry. This leftover turkey burger recipe is a good starting point, though confident chefs may wish to add other Christmas leftovers such as sausage meat, nuts or even dried apricots to their burger mix. Yum!

Turkey Ramen

Have you or one of your family have been under the weather recently? Whip up this deeply soothing leftover turkey ramen recipe - it's chock full of nourishment.

Recipe note one: If you were super conscientious and made a turkey stock from the carcass of your cooked bird, use instead of the recipe's chicken stock and feel very smug!

Recipe note two: 'Scallions' are spring onions in American English.

Jamie Oliver's Turkey Banh Mi

Ok, so we said no turkey sandwiches, but surely you can't group this magnificent banh mi in with a plain old turkey and cranberry on sliced white? Jamie Oliver hits the nail on the head yet again with this Vietnamese-inspired crispy meat, paté and pickle-filled baguette recipe.

Turkey and Pumpkin Risotto

We should make the most of sweet pumpkins and squashes whilst they're still in season and cheap, and this turkey and pumpkin risotto from Michelin-starred chef William Drabble would be a fine way to do it! Again, you could happily swap the chicken stock in the recipe for a homemade turkey stock if you have a batch in the freezer.

Turkey Fajitas

Fans of those quick and easy fajita kits from Old El Paso will love this recipe for smoky BBQ turkey fajitas, designed by the people themselves especially to use up any leftover Christmas veggies as well as your turkey meat. With the focus on lean meat and veg, this is a lovely light meal post-Christmas and New Year indulgences.

Any other suggestions for using up that leftover turkey? Share your favourite recipes and comments with us here or via Twitter and Facebook!

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