Energy-saving gifts for Christmas cheer
HOLIDAY & ENTERTAINING | November 1, 2019

Energy-saving gifts for Christmas cheer

‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’… really? For those of us with long lists of events to plan, groceries to get in and people to buy for, more like ‘The Most Stressful Time of the Year’. 

The temptation to head for the nearest shop and just start flinging gift sets into the trolley is enormous, however this year we’re attempting to keep things green. 

Our plan is to give presents with some kind of energy-saving payoff for the environment: 

>> Gifts made using energy-saving processes, such as recycling and upcycling

>> Gifts that help others save energy

>> Gifts produced locally to save on transport energy 

The Greenredeem team have already come up with several suggestions, listed below for your inspiration. Can you think of any more energy-saving gift ideas?

A family's feet in chunky red and white winter socks

Cosy winter socks

The classic Christmas present. Warmer feet equals less incentive to switch the central heating up. For good gift karma, choose a pair made here in the UK.

Important to mention here the Catch 22 of sock giving: people moan when you give them socks, complaining they wanted something more imaginative. People also moan when you don’t give them socks, claiming they were relying on getting some at Christmas. Weighing this up... best to give the socks, we think! 

A picture of the waterpebble gadget, a round white objects with the waterpebble logo on top with LED indicator lights

Waterpebble shower timer

This innovative gadget is cute enough to deserve a place in a stocking or under the tree. Uniquely among shower timers, the waterpebble (£9.99) actively monitors the amount of water going down the shower plug hole and adjusts its recommended length of shower accordingly. The traffic light alert system has been likened to “a disco in the shower!” 

Two piles of fudge tied up with gold string, on a decorated Christmas table

British produced food gifts

A trip to a farm shop can offer up a wealth of locally produced edible gifts for Christmas, however if going out on another mission feels like one too many, we’ve got you covered. How do you like the sound of artisan fudge (£10), a traditional ale selection (£24) or a luxury food hamper stacked with award-winning English wine and Welsh cheese (£60)? 


A grey tartan blanket thrown casually over the corner of a pink velvet sofa

Recycled gifts

Big energy savings are made by manufacturing goods from reprocessed materials. Look out for recycled present ideas such as this gorgeous wool blanket (£28) from The Tartan Blanket Co., 70% pure new wool and 30% mixed fibres saved from landfill. 


A close up of an old Scrabble board. The letters on it spell the word "Scrabble".

Vintage boardgames

Before everyone gets caught up with their various electronic gadgets on Christmas afternoon, pull out a zero-energy gift to bring the whole family together. Indulge your game nostalgia by tracking down original Scrabble boards from the 1950s with lovely wooden tiles and letter racks, Monopoly, Cluedo, or even Twister!

Are you planning to buy more eco-friendly gifts for friends and family this year? Share your ideas and bargains with Greenredeem at Facebook or on Twitter

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