Beat “Bah, humbug!”: green ways for everyone to enjoy Christmas
HOME & GARDEN | December 1, 2018

Beat “Bah, humbug!”: green ways for everyone to enjoy Christmas

It’s a fact. Some people just aren’t a fan of noisy, spangly jollity, especially if it come with associated costs! Cheer up the Scrooge in your life with these frugal, eco tips for getting into the Christmas spirit and banishing the “Bah, humbug!” sulks…

A humbug’s eye view of Christmas decorations: “Bah! I suppose you want to spend all my hard earned money on expensive trinkets and baubles. I’ll spend all month tripping on tinsel, getting visually assaulted by flickering fairy lights and glittery Santas. And he should still be called Father Christmas! Bah!”

Green ways to beat the “Bah!”: Before you head out to buy new, check the loft and cupboards for last year’s decorations. Scrooges cheer up immediately if they know there’s no need to reach into their pockets. Alternatively, go for a traditional, less blinging Christmas look with beautiful natural decorations: spruce boughs, holly, mistletoe, rose hips, seed heads, dried fruits and pine cones. Compost after Christmas!

A humbug’s eye view of Christmas visiting: “Bah! I suppose I’ll have to drive and the holiday traffic will be horrible. And we’ll have to spend loads of money on fancy, itchy new outfits or you’ll be complaining again. You do nothing but complain! Bah!”

Green ways to beat the “Bah!”: Consider train, coach and bus travel to holiday engagements to avoid the dread designated driver responsibility and save emissions. Another method of mollifying the Scrooge would be to split costs by arranging lift shares or taxi rides with friends, neighbours and family.

While we can’t guarantee non-itchiness, if you want to impress this Christmas season without leaving too much of a dent in your bank account, vintage stores, designer consignment and charity shops are the place to go for fabulous party wear at a snip. For extra Scrooge points, simply sell the items on post-Crimbo!

A humbug’s eye view of Christmas Day: “Bah! It’s all bloomin’ repeats on the television, those rubbish Christmas comedy specials I’ve seen 97 times already! ‘Grumpy Old Men at Christmas’? ‘Grumpy Old Women at Christmas’? Christmas is depressing enough without listening to someone banging on! Bah!”

Green ways to beat the “Bah!”: We know this is a radical idea… but why not switch the telly (and other screen-based electronics) off on Christmas Day and spend time as a family instead?

Get Scrooge involved in their favourite activity - saving money - and ask them to bag a few second hand boardgames cheaply on eBay in the run up to the big day. Then, after the joys of Christmas lunch, don’t settle into the usual TV or computer stupor: set up a boardgame, put some carols on the radio and get stuck into a little cut-throat family competition over a glass or two of something nice.

How do you hold off the “Bah, humbug!” if you have a Christmas hater in the family? Share your thoughts and ideas with Greenredeem on Facebook or Twitter.

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