Are you an accidental flexitarian?
LIFESTYLE | May 1, 2019

Are you an accidental flexitarian?

Fellow omnivores, have you ever chosen to buy smaller amounts of better quality meat over the standard supermarket selection? Picked out a vegetarian or vegan option on a menu? Avoided buying fish if you can’t find any with a blue MSC label?

Congratulations! You’re an accidental flexitarian – and that’s all to the good of the planet!

I know you are, but what am I?

Flexitarianism is a rather grand name for a growing trend in Western diets, handily lumping together people who:

>> Choose to reduce the water footprint of their food by eating less meat, nuts and chocolate and more eggs, grains, fruit and veggies

>> Tend to avoid red meat or fish at the top of the food chain for health reasons

>> Eat meat or fish as a treat when they go out, yet choose to eat vegan or vegetarian food at home

>> Follow a vegetarian diet on Meat Free Mondays or during Meat Free March; or a vegan diet in Veganuary

>> Have decided to reduce their carbon footprint by cutting out meat and fish imported over long distances

>> Read about the intelligence of pigs and now can’t face pork products

...or any permutation of the above!

No matter your motivation, it’s all good news

Flexitarians – a.k.a. semi-vegetarians, casual vegetarians or vegivores – are people of diverse motivations and ever growing numbers of us are becoming accidental flexitarians by eating less meat and/or fish than the definition of a standard British omnivorous diet.

The knock-on effects of greater numbers of people cutting back on their meat and fish intake? Reduced carbon emissions, reduced pollution from farm waste, reduced clearing of forest for meat production, reduced stress on precious freshwater supplies, reduced pressure on dwindling fish stocks, reduced air pollution, reduced animal suffering and even a reduction in the spread of resistant bacteria caused by over-use of antibiotics on farms. Overall, a healthier and more pleasant existence.

An eco-friendlier diet without the strict commitments

Flexitarianism offers all of us meat and fish eaters a no-commitment option. So if the thought of giving up meat and fish for good makes you want to stuff your face forever with bacon butties and battered cod, why not think flexitarian? We can reduce our meat and fish intake to suit our sweet selves, for whatever justification we like, and we still get to know that we’re doing good.

A flexitarian diet can include choosing meat and fish produced as sustainably and ethically as possible. Greenredeem members, why not use your points to bag our latest reward from – the service delivering deforestation-free, grass-fed, British-raised beef from ethical farmers direct to your door? 

Are you a flexitarian? How have you reduced your meat or fish consumption? Share your thoughts and ideas at Greenredeem on Facebook or Twitter.

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