Energy generating cycle paths hit the streets!
LIFESTYLE | November 19, 2014

Energy generating cycle paths hit the streets!

Will the future be paved with solar panels? There's something we didn't see in Bladerunner!

It's such a simple idea we can't believe someone hasn't come up with this before: combine super-efficient solar panelling with the strongest toughened glass. Ta da! You have a paving material that's long-lasting, recyclable, non-slip, can handle the pressure from the heaviest vehicle and which, during daylight hours, will also be busy contributing towards the town's energy needs...

But is all this just pie-in-the-sky? Absolutely not. The very first SolaRoad cycleway has just been installed in the Netherlands and is being closely monitored against a 'control' lane laid alongside.

As you can see, the brand new energy generating cycle path proved very popular on its first day! If this pilot project proves a success then the creators aim to expand their tests to stretches of bus lane and minor roads.

What do you think of the idea? Would you like to see solar roads in the UK?

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