Get rewarded for recycling your cosmetic packaging at Origins
LIFESTYLE | July 29, 2013

Get rewarded for recycling your cosmetic packaging at Origins

Why is cosmetic packaging a problem?

Each year worldwide the cosmetics industry creates over 100 billion units of packaging. Think of your bathroom cabinet, your dressing table drawer. All those tubes, jars, lipstick cases, tubs, sprays, compacts, pump dispensers, pads, roll-ons, brushes, wands, applicators - not forgetting the shrink wrap, moulded plastic and cardboard they came in originally.

In the UK we use less packaging per person than most other large EU countries and our recycling rates are on the up-and-up, yet the majority of our cosmetic packaging still sadly ends up in landfill.

Why this waste? Most local recycling services only take items made from materials that are easily recognised and sorted - such as soft drinks and water bottles. Cosmetic and toiletry packaging are among those items not easily recognised. Manufactured from an incredible variety of materials, as well as tending towards the small side, the packaging is far too complex for our community recycling services to process.

DID YOU KNOW... everyday consumer product packaging accounts for approximately a third of all landfill waste in the UK? That's over 40,000 tonnes of packaging going to landfill every day!

Depressing statistics, right? Well, be depressed no longer! High performance natural skincare brand Origins, well known for solid eco-credentials, has stepped into the breach with a more productive approach to cosmetic packaging waste. The aim: to keep cosmetic packaging out of landfills in the UK and worldwide.

In an industry first, Origins is now accepting packaging from all cosmetic companies - regardless of the brand - for recycling or, where that's not possible, energy recovery.

Drop off any amount of empty cosmetic packaging at your nearest Origins counter and you'll be rewarded with a FREE* 1-time use sample of one of their gorgeous products.  

Origins is able to take all empty cosmetic packaging that protected the actual beauty product, whether plastic or cardboard.

To find your nearest Origins counter visit:

*One free sample per customer, regardless of number of empty products returned.  Offer available while stocks last.


Where will your cosmetic packaging end up? 

As much of the packaging as possible will be recycled and turned back into usable products:

1. Bottles, jars, caps and tubes will be separated

2. The sorted material will be sent to specialist recycling companies

3. The components will be ground, washed and reformed into plastic or glass resin for use in new items

4. Your cosmetic packaging will have a whole new life, perhaps becoming another packaging item, a paint can or even a park bench!

Small parts which cannot be recycled will be sent for energy recovery, where waste is converted to steam and electricity while strictly controlling emissions.


Origins high performance natural skincare products are manufactured using a combination of renewable resources, wind energy and earth-friendly practices.


What empty cosmetic packaging will you drop off at an Origins counter for recycling? Post your thoughts below!