How to work towards plastic free in your community (CROW)
LIFESTYLE | May 10, 2018

How to work towards plastic free in your community (CROW)

Getting to plastic free? How a local village is taking the lead

Getting to plastic free? How a local village is taking the lead. Heard of a 'plog'? How about a 'plalk'?

No, they're not some type of Roald Dahl-esque mythical creatures, or new dance moves... 

Need a clue? They're actually community events, just two of the ways that an intrepid and ingenious band of Crowthorne volunteers have set out to rid their village of single-use waste; in particular, polluting plastics. 

CROW, an acronym of Crowthorne Reduce Our Waste, is a group of local residents passionate about taking positive action against unnecessary plastic waste. Formed just a few months ago, the members have already registered the Crowthorne village community to Surfers Against Sewage's Plastic Free Initiative and made several strides towards their goal of a plastic free community. Inspired, we felt we just had to share some of their ideas!

Read on to find out how they're successfully tackling single use plastic waste on all fronts. Could you start or join a similar group in your area?

Get the local bigwigs on side

CROW presented their plans for limiting single use plastics in the village to meetings of both Crowthorne Parish Council and Wokingham Without Parish Council, and both councils were unanimous in passing resolutions to support the fledgling movement!

Have a chinwag with local businesses owners

CROW members visited their regular haunts to talk with owners and staff about cutting down on single use plastics or replacing them with a sustainable alternative. Result? Bags of enthusiasm... paper not plastic, of course!

Next time you're in Crowthorne, how about dropping into one of these fine establishments?

  • Two Sisters Cafe have switched to plastic free tea bags, wrap their sandwiches in paper and have ditched plastic straws and carrier bags entirely!
  • Dopson Butchers are phasing out black plastic meat trays and instead encouraging patrons to bring their own containers, have stopped using plastic disposable gloves to serve and now provide paper bags for veggies.
  • That's Nice Gift Shop are buying in more plastic free products such as shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes, as well as hosting CROW recycling collection bins for plastic bottle tops and plastic milk bottle tops.
  • Handy DIY now recycle used Brita water filters, sell bird seed in exchangeable glass milk bottles and biodegradable bags and sell a wide range of reusable products for folks looking to cut down on disposable plastic at home.

Have a chinwag with local businesses owners

The tireless CROW members have been out and about at schools and local community groups talking about how the younger villagers can join the crusade against single use plastics. And it's already taking off...

Plastic bottles have been replaced with reusable jugs at school discos, biscuit wrapper and pen recycling boxes are being diligently filled in classrooms and hundreds of teenage students are booked onto a plastic waste-busting beach clean event this summer. The Crowthorne Guides are even working towards their 'Plastic Free Planet' badge!

Ah, yes... the 'plogs' and 'plalks'...

As well as holding monthly big litter picks, smaller groups of CROW members plus assorted friends, family and canine pals have been meeting up for weekly litter picking and jogs, a.k.a. a 'plog'. However, as they freely admit, they've mostly been 'plalking', such has been the diligence of their litter picking!