Tips and tricks for staying hydrated (from the tap!)
LIFESTYLE | April 1, 2018

Tips and tricks for staying hydrated (from the tap!)

Let’s stop for a moment to think how lucky we are here in the UK to have clean drinking water literally available on tap in our homes. Crazy to think that in this sense, our humble homes are more luxurious than the royal palaces of 200 years ago.

We take our tap water and its abundance so for granted that we’re utterly discombobulated when we have to do without this extraordinary convenience. Burst pipes after a thaw in early March left thousands of folks in London and surrounding areas without running water and within days people were stressed, desperate and exhausted by the struggle of managing day-to-day on just a few litres of bottled water.

Can you imagine having to deal with no access to clean, safe water each and every day? Almost a billion people around the world still struggle to find any healthy water sources or have to devote hours each day to collecting fresh water.

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Really makes you appreciate our lovely tap water, doesn’t it? A healthy, zero waste thirst quencher, arrives in our kitchens ready-to-go and costs less than 0.02p per glass! Let’s celebrate by staying well hydrated from tap throughout the day…

Getting going for the day

A glass of water with a slice of lemon is a refreshing note on which to clear out remaining sleepy headedness. A far gentler start to the day than a hit of coffee, though we’d understand if you reach for that next!

Powering through exercise

Despite the posters of really, really, really ridiculously good looking people bounding around clutching day-glo bottled liquids as if their lives depended on it, sports drinks are essentially no different from other soft drinks: unhealthily sugary. Sorry!

Unless you’re in serious training for some kind of high level endurance event, in which case we’re sure you could teach us a thing or two about hydration, no need for sports drinks. Add a refillable bottle of tap water to your regular exercise kit - NHS-recommended as a healthier, zero calorie choice for replacing lost fluids.

Staying focused at work or study

Sipping plain water during exams is actually proven to help students’ test scores, though scientists haven’t yet worked out exactly why it helps. Still, seems like a jug or refillable bottle of tap water is the smart choice to accompany you in your mental as well as physical exertions.

Improve your digestion

A glass of tap water half an hour before eating helps make sure the liver and the rest of your body is primed for the important work of digestion.

During meals, sip at one small glass of tap, perhaps with a slice of lemon. A little water helps to break down your food, so not only will you be more likely to avoid bloating and other... erm... unwanted results, you’ll also get more nutrition from each bite.

Avoid that hangover

Going to an event with drinks and want to avoid an afternoon of tiredness or a next morning hangover? A glass of tap between drinks keeps a civilised pace and rehydrates us as the alcohol dehydrates us.

What to do when you inevitably forget to do that?! The NHS recommends downing the classic pint of water.

On the nightstand

A glass of water to hand during the night soothes if you come awake with a dry mouth, tickly cough or a case of the jitters after a bad dream. Just make sure you don’t accidentally swipe it when you’re reaching for the bedside lamp!

Do you drink enough tap water? And remember to take a refillable bottle with you when you head out? Share your ideas, pictures and comments with us via Twitter and Facebook!

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