Greenredeem launches a new zero waste initiative in Elmbridge

Elmbridge Borough Council

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On 1st November, Greenredeem launched a new initiative to help tackle waste in Elmbridge. The partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC), funded by Surrey Environment Partnership (SEP) provides residents with a new engagement platform that encourages waste reduction through targeted communication campaigns and behaviour change techniques.

Bins in Elmbridge Borough
The new scheme provides residents in Elmbridge with the tools to make small lifestyle changes, motivating them to reduce waste and help fight climate change. Individuals will receive personalised, targeted weekly emails to encourage participation and nudge behaviour.
Campaigns are designed to be local and relevant; they include gamified activities such as pledges, quizzes, videos, and articles that will deliver best value and measurable results.

“We’re delighted to be working with Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey Environment Partnership on this new initiative to help reduce waste and tackle climate change. Never has it been more important to raise our communication efforts and help empower individuals to take positive action.” – Melanie Penfold, General Manager, Greenredeem

With a 3% reduction target, a series of mechanisms will be applied to measure engagement and waste reductions across the borough. Being able to monitor engagement with campaigns and the direct improvements against waste baselines provides full visibility of campaign effectiveness, and if successful could be rolled out in other areas of Surrey.

There’s something for everyone; other benefits include:
  • Competitions – every few weeks residents can enter competitions with the chance to win prizes, such as vouchers, iPads, smart watches or TV’s (eco-friendly, refurbished versions).
  • School and Community donations – to help fund local environmental projects.
  • Carbon tracker and badging – providing a better understanding of how individual actions reduce the impact on the planet and help fight climate change.
  • Zero waste map – residents can find their nearest zero waste shops, refill stations and charity shops to help them reduce, reuse, and recycle more.
  • Eco shop and rewards – eco-friendly products and access to other online discounts.

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We have a flexible approach to working with our partners which complement your existing campaign and communication activities. 

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