We can help you to engage with your customers and change their behaviour

Behaviour change isn’t achieved through a one-off action or campaign. Working with our partners, we change behaviour through a gradual and sustained process, helping to engrain the adoption of new habits bringing with it tangible results.

How we deliver results...

Build a community

We build communities and motivate behaviour change. By working together, we achieve a greater impact.

Reward water saving

Whether your customers have a meter or not, we’ll be able to reward them for water saving, either individually or as part of a community.

Learning & earning

Through our adaptable communications we deliver behaviour change in a fun and engaging way.

Our impact

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Our members usage, compared
to the network average
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10 days on average
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of members using water differently
since joining

Our partners


What we do

Find out more about how Greenredeem can motivate your customers to use less water at home.

We’re experts in changing customer behaviour. Using our platform we can help water companies deliver significant savings.

The original and most established way to

deliver behaviour change

Operating for over ten years

We’ve been creating behaviour change campaigns to meet environmental objectives since 2009. Working with local authorities, schools & universities, water companies and commercial partners.

Motivating customers to use less water

Over 500,000 customers across England have access to Greenredeem. Our members  are using less water and being rewarded for it.

Increasing awareness of water usage

By creating a conversation with customers, we’re able to ensure that members understand the value of water, and what they can do to help protect this valuable resource.

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We have a flexible approach to working with water companies; one which compliments existing and traditional communication activities.

Talk to us and we’d be happy to discuss how we can make an impact on your water efficiency targets.