Climate change: how well do you know your residents?

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In this week’s climate change blog post, we take an in-depth look into three residents and their engagement over the last 12-months with our carbon reduction activities.

How we get to know residents and understand what motivates them

  • All residents are invited to join our community platform and start a pathway of environmental improvements in their everyday lives.
  • During their enrolment we capture information such as location, household occupancy, age and gender, which allows us to differentiate between audiences and target our communications.
  • We test a variety of messages on different audiences to ensure maximum impact in terms of their interaction and engagement.
  • Over time we build insights into each individual resident, understanding what they will respond positively to. This allows us to further personalise their experience and automate communications based on their interactions.

An individual resident (member) insight

Why we interact so often with residents

  • We contact and prompt residents weekly to consider their everyday actions, delivering 52 weeks of uninterrupted campaigning, supported by activities such as pledging, taking a quiz, watching a short film or reading a blog.
  • Frequency of interactions with residents is key to maintaining campaign momentum and sustained behaviour change.
For example, taking a sample group of 2,500 people with more than 200,000 Smart Meter (water) readings, we were able to divide them into two distinct groups: one group who predominantly accessed a dashboard of information, and a second group who accessed a dashboard and participated with weekly activities. Our findings revealed that those interacting with 4 or more activities per month saved over 4 times more water than those that sought information alone.

An individual resident (member) insight

A unique approach to encouraging residents to consider doing things differently

  • Our community platform is designed to reward people for taking small everyday actions to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Utilising our own currency, we award residents with Greenredeem points for direct & indirect action.
  • Direct action, such as reducing waste or increasing recycling is measured against a baseline. Residents are rewarded for their individual activity, based on how much they do, or don’t do.
  • We also reward through indirect action, changing behaviour by taking pledges, quizzes films, blogs. Points are earned for taking each of these actions, which are used by residents to reward themselves or their community.

Understanding that people are motivated differently

  • By allowing people a choice as to how they spend their points, we have a far broader appeal, offering something for everyone.

For example, they could choose between supporting their community (charities & schools), local shops and businesses, receiving a personal reward or entering competitions/prize draws.


An individual resident (member) insight

In next week’s blog post we will focus on content, broadening the conversation by linking climate change topics and their related CO2 savings.

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Alternatively you can send us an email if you have any questions.

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