Love your leftovers
IN THE NEWS | September 22, 2015

Love your leftovers

Source: Maidenhead Advertiser

Last week I was invited to participate in Greenredeem's Love your Leftovers food challenge at Stubbings Nursery for the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.
Did you know that:
  • In the Royal Borough 30 per cent of all rubbish that goes to landfill is food waste
  • The average family throws away around £700 of food shopping annually
  • If we stopped wasting food that could have been eaten, it would have the same impact as taking one in four cars off the road
  • The weekly food waste recycling gets collected and turned into electricity and fertiliser in a recycling facility in Oxford

Food waste is one of those larger social and environmental problems that we actually can affect and this campaign aims to make food recycling simple and accessible for everyone. Each of us, regardless of how much we earn or eat, can all improve our shopping, cooking and waste habits and this campaign launched by Green Redeem aims to help people achieve these changes by offering incentives like their reward scheme. The RBWM council will also be issuing one year's supply of free caddy liners to help keep the kitchen tidy as you recycle.

For the Love Your Leftovers challenge, we were put into groups and asked to turn some typical leftovers into another meal. My group had smoked salmon, a cucumber and some bread which we transformed - with some extras like cream cheese and herbs - into creamy salmon and chive appetisers and salmon, dill and cucumber finger sandwiches.

Each group was then judged 'British Bake-off Style' by Bake-off alumna and Berkshire resident Martha Collison. Sadly my group didn't win, but luckily I'd had a glass of wine so my competitive streak was somewhat dampened and I found myself thoroughly enjoying the spirit of the evening. Our food challenge was followed by a three course meal using produce plucked from the best farms and suppliers in the borough including a delightful sparkling wine from Stanlake Park Wine Estate in Twyford, vegetables from the Harehatch Sheeplands local allotment, lamb from Fernygrove Farm in Warfield and some fantastic local cheeses from Village Maid Cheese.

Visit for more information on how to sign-up to Green Redeem and start earning recycling points. I'll follow up this post with some tips on how to prevent food wastage and what you can put in your food recycling bin.