We can help you to engage with your customers and change their behaviour

Behaviour change isn’t achieved through a one-off action or campaign. Working with our partners, we use digital communications to change behaviour through a gradual and sustained process, helping to engrain the adoption of new habits bringing with it tangible results.

How we deliver results...

Build a community

We build communities and motivate behaviour change. By working together, we achieve a greater impact.

Reward water saving

Whether your customers have a meter or not, we’ll be able to reward them for water saving, either individually or as part of a community.

Learning & earning

Through our adaptable digital communications we deliver behaviour change in a fun and engaging way.

Measuring & rewarding customer actions

Once a customer is registered, their household water usage is tracked and compared against the household’s historical average (baseline). Whilst this relies on the provision of weekly smart meter water data, our scheme also offers the facility to link to existing billing & meter reading cycles that may be less frequent.

At the point of registration, customer demographic data is collected, allowing segmentation & social proofing to be ingrained into the customer experience. By simply capturing factors such as the household occupancy, we are able to social proof consumption levels by similar household types. This allows us to challenge those households that used more water to see that ‘people like you’, use less water.

Customer experience

Greenredeem have developed a digital user experience that motivates customers to reduce the amount of water that they use at home. The following depicts the member experience:

Registration process – quick tour

We develop bespoke content that will appear during the registration process to highlight key messages to customers, which is relevant to the water company.

Our aim is that new customers earn points within minutes of joining the scheme and experience the reward options straight away demonstrating the value to them by participating and encouraging frequent return.

Member account area

We provide a dashboard that reflects the status of either the customer household or the community–showing where points have been earned for water efficiency and providing customers with an easy ‘at a glance’ indication of their water usage.

Engaging your customers

Once registered, engaged and earning points for behaviour change, the focus of Greenredeem moves towards continual motivation of customers to deliver sustained behaviour change to meet the objectives of each water company. Maintaining a regular conversation with your customers is vital to changing customer behaviour. We aim for a member to complete a water saving action every 10 days. That’s not just talking to your customers every 10 days, but actually seeing them interact with content that will move them along their water saving behaviour change journey.

We do this by creating relevant and topical digital campaigns that engage members by asking them to take a pledge, quiz, watch a short film or read a blog. Each activity is rewarded with points that members can then use to choose their own rewards.

Promoting water efficiency products

As part of the scheme, Greenredeem incentivises participants to use water saving gadgets, by awarding points to customers for ordering them.

The user journey is simple. Customers are known to the system and with a simple ‘one click’ order process, a daily dispatch file is sent to a fulfilment house via secure data transfer for dispatch.

A personalised email programme

We’ll nudge your customers to change their behaviour through gentle prompts built up over time, delivered digitally. We’re constantly monitoring the effectiveness of how we communicate with your customers, understanding what content delivers the best engagement, adjusting our approach accordingly.

Guided by household meter data, we’re able to build a relevant conversation with customers based on the water they actually use. And if household data isn’t available we’re able to talk directly to households about their water usage from their local community (DMA).

Our communications approach means that conversations with households are relevant. If a household is using less water, our messaging leans more towards reward. Feeling the value of the points earned instills an intrinsic satisfaction that ensures that customers have a positive reason to maintain their change in behaviour. On the flip side, households where there is an increase in usage are targeted with additional water saving hints & tips – all delivered in a relevant & topical manner.

Report a leak

With up to an estimated 20% of the water across the network being lost to leaks*, managing those leaks is increasingly in everyone’s interests.

By providing customers with a function to report leaks through the Greenredeem website, leakage can be rapidly captured, evaluated and resolved. Customers can understand how to work out where the leak is coming from, and then understand what action to take.

*Source: Guardian.com 2017

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The original and most established way to

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Operating for over 10 years

We’ve been creating behaviour change campaigns to meet environmental objectives since 2009. Working with local authorities, schools & universities, water companies and commercial partners.

Motivating customers to use less water

Over 500,000 customers across England have access to Greenredeem. Our members  are using less water and being rewarded for it.

Increasing awareness of water usage

By creating a digital conversation with customers, we’re able to ensure that members understand the value of water, and what they can do to help protect this valuable resource.

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