Avoiding ‘the jaws of death’: A guide to reducing household water consumption

Campaign to reduce household water consumption

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March 2020 saw our lives get turned upside down. Whether you saw it as ‘working from home’, or ‘sleeping in the office’, everyone was spending more time at home. It’s no surprise household water consumption shot through the roof!

We’re already nearly 10% of the way through the AMP, with challenging water saving targets to achieve and a requirement to work more efficiently. It’s a perfect storm that no-one could have predicted.

So we need to work smarter and together. Watch this short 4 minute guide and:

  • Understand how Greenredeem can communicate with your customers in a personal and targeted way
  • Discover how localised and relevant the platform could become for your customers.
  • See how gamification via pledges, quizzes and video can be used to nudge customer behaviour.

If you’d like to discuss further please book a time in here or send an email to enquiries@greenredeem.co.uk.


Case study: 21% fall in water consumption

Case Study

21% fall in water consumption
per person per day

Discover how we helped Thames Water customers achieve a 21% reduction in water consumption by downloading our case study below.

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