Case study

Increase in recycling of 21.3% or
23.1kg per household per year



A direct increase in recycling tonnages of signed up residents v non-registered residents. The annualised difference between signed up residents and non-members was over 24.2kg per household.

Registered members recycled twice as often as non-registered members; presenting their bins on average 2.23 times a month vs 1.17 for non-members.

Throughout this period there were no service changes.

Waste reduction (halo benefit):

As with all Greenredeem campaigns we follow the waste hierarchy to encourage waste avoidance and reduction.

Residual waste collected across the Royal Borough saw an average decrease over a 10-year period of 714T per year, reflecting an absolute reduction of 16.64% across that period. Throughout this period there was a weekly residual service collection.

Campaign mechanic:

On a weekly basis, Greenredeem received collection data (via RFID in bins) for all households in the Borough. Every recycling bin was weighed, and residents were rewarded individually for the amount of recycling that was collected at the kerbside.

Aggregated and anonymised data was captured for unregistered households to allow for comparison.


Campaign: Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead: Recycling Incentive Scheme

Number of residents registered (members): 34,276

Contract period: 2009- 2019