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Plastic Bottle Recycling Pilot

We are working with a number of schools in Windsor and Maidenhead to help raise funds through the recycling of plastic bottles. Greenredeem has provided a reverse vending machine (RVM) to each school which will scan and collect all the plastic bottles. 

We are also providing each school with educational resources and lesson plans (developed by Plastic Oceans UK). 

The machine will accept plastic drinks bottles only, and for every plastic bottle that is deposited in the machine, the school receives 5p. During the project (which will last up to 12 months) each school could collect up to 40,000 bottles and earn £2,000 funding!

How it works

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Collect up all your empty bottles

Get the whole family involved, and bring your used plastic drinks bottles to school

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Scan the barcode and deposit

Scan the barcode on the bottle, then drop it down the chute - it's as simple as that!

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Recycle more, earn more for your school

For every bottle you recycle your school will earn 5p, up to the sum of £2,000

Take our survey

For us to get a better understanding of your views on plastic bottles, we would like you to complete a short survey.

Five lucky winners could win a £10 M&S Voucher!

Bottles Recycled


Bottles Recycled


Bottles per student

Altwood C of E School new
921 £46.05 2.3
Charters School new
433 £21.65 0.3
Courthouse Junior School
£260.65 12.4
Dedworth Middle School new 511 £25.55 1.0
Desborough College 96
£4.80 0.1
Eton Wick First School 3,929
£196.45 30.2
Furze Platt Infant School 4,724
£236.20 17.5
Furze Platt Junior School new 948 £47.40 2.6
Furze Platt Senior School 532 £26.60 0.4
Hilltop First School  7,218
£360.90 28.9
Holy Trinity C of E Primary School (Ascot) 13,884
£694.20 66.1
Holy Trinity C of E Primary School (Cookham) new 662 £33.10 3.2
Manor Green School 2,243
£112.15 12.1
Newlands Girls School 3,525
£176.25 3.1
Oldfield Primary School new 2,420 £121.00 5.7
Riverside Primary School 2,914
£145.70 6.9
St Edward’s Catholic First School new 1,360 £68.00 4.5
St Edmund Campion Primary School 7,881
£394.05 18.8
St Luke’s C of E School new 965 £48.25 3.0
St Peter's C of E Middle School 7,946
£397.30 36.0
St Piran's School 2,268
£113.40 5.0
The Royal School 7,902
£395.10 79.0
The Windsor Boys’ School new 719 £35.95
Wessex Primary School
23,231 £1,161.55 51.6
Woodlands Park School
£336.95 37.4




Last updated: 17th September 2019


Greenredeem, in partnership with RBWM, Grundon and Plastic Oceans UK, is launching this pilot across schools in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) to understand how to motivate the recycling of plastic bottles. 

As you may be aware the Government are looking at introducing a deposit on items which could then be claimed back through ‘Reverse Vending Machines’ (RVM’s) – this system is referred to as a Deposit Return System (DRS). 

We are looking at alternative solutions for increasing the number of valuable plastic bottles recycled (currently as a nation we only recycle 57%) where schools can benefit in terms of funding and education around the importance of reducing and recycling plastic bottles.

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