Case study

4.5% reduction in household waste



4.5% reduction in household waste, which was 2.5% higher than their surrounding boroughs/districts.

The introduction of the Greenredeem waste reduction campaign and associated marketing was the only difference between areas, with no other changes to service.

Redditch Borough Council concluded in their pilot study that Greenredeem’s campaign led to an overall reduction in residual waste of 2.5% across the Borough. 

Campaign mechanic:

The 12-month pilot applied to a limited size audience identified and registered by Redditch Borough Council.

Therefore, the strategy of the campaign was to motivate the signed up residents to act as ‘ambassadors’ to influence wider groups on a sustained basis.

Additionally, heightened awareness and reach of the campaign content – provided by Greenredeem – was broadcast across a number of offline launch communications, including local press and events, creating a halo effect across the Borough.


Campaign: Redditch Borough Council: Waste reduction

Number of residents registered (members): 1,150

Contract period: 2017- 2018