Case study

21% fall in water consumption
per person per day



A 21% fall in water consumption per person per day.

The per capita consumption of households in the scheme was 117.1 litres versus a network average of 148 litres. A study by Thames Water evidenced that the frequency of communications and the number of interactions taken by registered households significantly improved water saving impact.

It concluded that registered households that engaged with 4+ activities per month generated water reduction savings of up to -9%, whereas those households that that predominately sought information alone, only saw their water usage decrease by just -2%.

Campaign mechanic:

Taking a sample group of 2,500 people with more than 200,000 Smart Meter readings, we were able to divide them into two distinct groups: one group who predominantly accessed a dashboard of information, and a second group who accessed a dashboard and participated with weekly activities. From this, we were able to evaluate the most effective contact rates and types of communication/activity to influence reductions in household water usage, measured against baseline.


Campaign: Thames Water: Rewarding households for using less water

Number of registered household meter reads: 200,000

Contract period: March 2018 – to date