Encourage your
residents to

tackle climate change

Build a communications channel to motivate residents and communities to reduce their carbon footprint across all climate change initiatives.

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residual waste


Content which is relevant & inclusive

A tailored marketing & content strategy will take your residents through the journey of understanding what climate change means to them and how they can act. Any topic can be tackled e.g. Sustainable Transport, Housing, Land Use and Green Infrastructure, Food/Diet, Waste & Recycling, Water and Built Environment.

Broaden climate change knowledge without overwhelming

Prioritise initiatives by order and exposure

Service relevant content by area or location


Personalised climate change dashboard

From one source, your residents can track their actions which lead towards carbon savings.

A personalised carbon tracker so residents can monitor their own carbon savings

A history of their climate change actions

A summary of benefits and rewards


Understand what motivates residents

Gather insights on your residents as they engage with content and take part in activities. Your digital behaviour change platform will monitor the correlation between resident engagement with campaign activities and their direct impact upon measured improvements against baseline.

Determine most effective way to communicate across multiple audiences

Personalise your residents’ experience based on their interactions

Sustain resident behaviour change & interest through to 2030


Weekly campaigns ​

A bespoke communications plan that enables you to interact every week with residents, prompting them through your digital behaviour change platform.

52 weeks of continuous campaigning with weekly topics

Regular interactions are proven to increase carbon savings results

Sustained resident behaviour change


Incentivise resident participation

Your climate change campaigns will be made up from a series of gamified behaviour change techniques: ‘learn and earn activities’ which include; blogs, videos, pledges and quizzes. Your residents will be rewarded for taking part in activities, creating value and incentivising them to return and re-engage with more content.

Personalised rewards that support local business

Charity donations reinforce that bring together community and a common cause

A choice of motivations for residents to broaden appeal

Talk to us about bringing to life your climate change objectives

We’d be happy to discuss your objectives, and how we can support you to reach your audience and meet your environmental targets.

Book a short discovery call today to find out how Greenredeem can partner with your local authority. 

We have a flexible approach, one which compliments your existing campaign and communication activities.

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